Hello. I'm Laurel Natale.

I'm a UX Designer living in Philadelphia, PA.
I design human experiences on digital devices.

A little about me.

In my own words, I am a design thinker who is unapologetically sensitive and always seeking out new knowledge to create a better me both professionally and personally. I love User Experience. I love advocating for the user, I love researching and I love data-informed design. I believe in adaptation, modification and keeping an open mind when developing and utilizing a UX process. I believe in doing what works, not what is the current trend.

I post a lot on Twitter, always finding interesting bits from my fellow UXers.

Personally, I enjoy kickboxing, running for hoodies, posting food on Instagram, and accessorizing my new house in Philadelphia, where I dwell with my wonderful wife, two dogs and one very fat cat.